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If you are an industry leader or on your way to becoming one I want to activate you for a higher mission and even more success. You are meant for greatness!
A special invitation to join Melvin's
High-Octane Community
A special invitation to join Melvin's
Get Activated Community
It’s Melvin Pillay and I would like to invite you to my exciting new Get Activated program called, “High-Octane: Fuel for Life”

It’s a community of believers and kingdom-minded people who want to build their business God's Way. We will work on some exciting topics like biblical wealth. You will get the principles and the practices on how you can create dynamic systems so that you can produce wealth not just for you or your grandchildren but for generations to come.

Also, we will work on fascinating topics like, “Easy and Light” and how you can build a kingdom business using the beautiful principles of, “Easy and Light”. These amazing things that God gives to us where we become exempt from the things that other people have to face. You will also learn about spiritual warfare. You will tap into the dynamic power that God has for you and I to build our business and leadership: tearing down the powers of the enemy silencing the inner voice and the inner demons of self-doubt, Wuhan fear, and unbelief. You will learn how you can build a kingdom business and make it fireproof and bulletproof through any economy by learning how God wants us to do His business. Additionally, you will be a part of a strong community people like you who understand you.

We will meet once a month on a zoom call as we encourage each other and as I teach the group on the latest things that God has deposited in me: revelation about things that I hear and how we can flourish irrespective of the economy.

As part of the community, my friends, you will also receive email messages coming to you with my latest teaching every single week which you can apply immediately to your life and your business.

This community has been on my heart for a long time, but finally I feel the Lord has lead me to do this beautiful community, “High-Octane"! So, you are invited to join this community and let us reshape our businesses, our country and eternity for the glory of Jesus Christ.

If you're a business owner or a leader, I would love for you to join us.

In the mighty name of Jesus, welcome aboard this is your friend Melvin Pillay and I look forward to working with you soon. Life is always full of challenges, even more so now. But I can tell you with conviction, God has a plan for you that is good. You can trust Him to help you.  My promise is that I will be your spiritual advocate and your coach – doing business God’s way.

Are you tired of doing business in your own strength and according to your own ways and thinking? God has insight for you.

Are you considering opening your own business but are uncertain of what to do next and how to overcome your fears of starting something new?  With God, all things are possible.

Are you frequently exhausted at the list of things you know you need to do but are so weary that you are not as productive as you think you could be? God can supply direction for your path.

I was once where you are, my friend. I slept in a conference room at the building where my job was because I couldn’t afford rent. I came from a family that had no money, no future and few options. I had the same feelings of fatigue, doubt and discouragement. Sometimes I had good days and I knew somewhere in my heart that God loved me and that He is good – yet I still found myself frequently wondering why life seemed so hard, a daily grind, an uphill battle.

Until I found a different way of thinking and being. God’s way. It changed my life and capacity for joy and peace in ways I never dreamed possible.

God taught me how to live His way and I’d like to share these lessons with you. Even more than that, I would welcome the honor of being your spiritual mentor and prayer warrior.
- How to build business (or do your work) God’s way
- How to produce wealth for generations, not just for this week or month
- Principles of “easy” and “light”
- How to do spiritual warfare and tear down strongholds
- How to overcome worry, fear and belief

You are not alone. I welcome you to become part of a powerful community.  For the glory of Jesus Christ.

Come, friend and find support for this daily life.
Monthly Business Training and Group Coaching

Get immersed with sharp cutting edge business growth teachings equipping you in Biblical Secrets of Closing the Sales, Producing Kingdom Wealth, Leading with Authority, Mastering the Market place with your Business. You will receive Prophetic insights and practical wisdom on how to manage and grow a Kingdom Business and much more.

Weekly Video Teaching
Get a weekly short video teaching from Melvin focused on spiritual warfare, biblical wealth, and easy and light Kingdom practices.
Special Member's Discount on GetActivated Live Tickets
Discounted admission to our three times per year Get Activated Conference
Weekly Video Teaching
Get a weekly short video teaching from Melvin focused on spiritual warfare, biblical wealth, and easy and light Kingdom practices.
Special Member's Discount on GetActivated Live Tickets
50% off admission to our three times per year Get Activated Conference


“Melvin Pillay is a rare find. For all who read these words, I hope that sometime in your life you have at least one chance to encounter Melvin.”
- Perry Marshall
"Melvin I love your enthusiasm. What a privilege it is for you to be here with us where you also honored God so wonderfully well and so excitingly."
- Zig Ziglar
“I have witnessed first hand Melvin Pillay move and ignite a room, giving everyone a dose of hope and inspiration. If you work with him you will experience this as well.”
- Tom Ziglar

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