If you are an industry leader or on your way to becoming one I want to activate you for a higher mission and even more success. You are meant for greatness!

Millennials In Business

February 21, 2019

You are here for a very specific reason. And it’s BIG!!

You sense that you were created for greatness, and to positively impact the world. You also know you need equipping, direction, Godly wisdom and accountability. Good news, I’m the person who's going to help show you what your Creator put you here to do, and how to flourish in your business the right way. You will discover what’s been getting in your way and taking you off track, so you can press on to become what your were created you to become and do what you’ve always wanted to do. We’re talking about Maximum Impact in your business.

This 'MIB' Masterclass is a time of discovering the dreams in YOUR life and answering the question how to succeed in business - The Right Way!  It’s a time of moving from dream to a strategic plan from Above, and it’s a time of understanding the obstacles on your path to the promise. This masterclass is designed to…

  • Connect you with The Grand purpose and mandate for your business  
  • Create a plan to get you there  
  • Show you what’s getting in the way (so you can avoid delays)  
  • And...ignite your passion for fulfilling the grand plan for your life NOW
  • You will also be equipped on how to share the positive life giving truth to this generation...

Based on my experience, 97% of people fail to reach the destiny that God has for them. In fact, most won’t even come close, and part of the reason you feel so stuck and frustrated with your progress right now is the direction you’re going...which is off track.
Think about it… imagine what it would be like to be moving forward on a mission that you knew without a shadow of a doubt was from God...and that you couldn’t fail.

Oh...and by the way. You’ve been to workshops and seminars where you left with a big long list of action items. That’s not what this is about. This 'MIB' Masterclass is where you get aligned with what your Creator has for you...and then He starts implementing.

The group size is just 18-20 attendees this will ensure that each person receives personal one on one time with me,

That is what 'MIB' Millennial's in Business is all about.

So...how does that sound to you?

Only 18-20 Seats Available!
Date: June 22nd & 23rd  
Time, 9am - 4:00pm

Address: Dallas, TX (Venue TBA)
Donation of $299 or more… Includes Lunch.